Wednesday, 19 December 2007

La Marelle en papier

These are some more illustrative gift cards that I purchased in Amsterdam, by the designers Camilla Engman and Olivier Philipponneau. I love the impression of collage, even though they are printed cards and the spontaneous and energetic feel. On the reverse of them was the website: which is an extensive collection of illustrations available to purchase by many new artists and designers.

Camilla Engman Olivier Philipponneau
Other Featured Illustrators

Atelier LZC

On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I noticed a lot of illustrative works by the French design company, Atelier LZC in many little gift shops. These took the form of gift cards and notebooks. I purchased a few of the gift cards as I particularly liked the use of colour, the decorative layering of imagery and the use of block filled slihouettes upon them.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Oscar de la Renta

I was recently watching 'The Devil Wears Prada' in which a certain name popped into the dialogue. This was the designer Oscar de la Renta, and it made me think of the many, many beautiful designs that he has created. Of particular inspiration to me is his Spring 2007 ready-to-wear collection. The use of colour and print upon beautifully constructed garments made for a stunning catwalk collection. I think the boundaries between fashion, textiles and surface pattern design are extremely closely related, and this particular collection highlights the inspiration that is available from the fashion industry. His garments are objects of both beauty and desire.

Jam Tart

I discovered the company 'Jam Tart' through some research into Surface Pattern and fell in love with their approach to design. The illustrations are simple, as is the selection of colour, yet the choice of surface to which they apply their patterns makes it really effective. I think the products are quirky, cute and desirable. They're reminiscent of holidays, the seaside and Cornwall, which evokes many happy memories and makes for a good collection of products.

Rob Ryan

I came across the work of Rob Ryan in relation to the engineered papers aspect of the first project. He produces intricately designed paper-cuts often combining text and images. I feel that the fragility of the finished design adds to the beauty of them. The other day, I was very excited to come across a book by the man himself, described as 'Magic...intricately fashioned paper-cuts...beautifully designed' by Marie Claire. Its definitely going on my Christmas Wish List and I cannot wait for it to arrive!

Caroline Gardner

I recently purchased this gift card, created by the designer Caroline Gardner. I love the delicate illustrations combined with text and her use of colour. Its elegant and beautiful and I thought it was worth a mention as I was impressed by her work.